Are You Thankful?

Can you actually say you are thankful? Is there anything you are thankful for? Sure it's been a rough two years. Sure your job gets on your nerves. Of course, families have issues. I know you wanted to jumpstart your business in June and now the year is almost over. I realize death was present in your household, church, job, family, etc.

Yet in spite of it all, can you SAY you are thankful! I sure hope so. Be thankful, you have a family. Be thankful, you have a job. Be thankful that your church family is there. Be thankful for health and strength. Be thankful for grace. Be thankful for mercy! Be thankful for bills. You might be late paying them but in order to  pay lights, gas, and water then you have a place to stay. Be thankful! 

So what that business didnt launch when you wanted. You had the idea. You worked on it. You still working on it and it will get done. You took ACTION. Yes, you are thankful! You are thankful that when you do launch, it will all be worth it. You have more rooting for you than you can ever imagine!

Whether it looks dark and dreary. Whether you are sad or glad. Whether you are broke, busted and disgusted, you have alot to be thankful for and I'm glad about it!!!