I Just Cant Go On

I go to work every single day and give 110%. I work on the weekends. I stay late after work. I follow all the rules and what do I get?

I have a successful career and it's paying me great money. I work hard but my income rewards me. I have prestige where I am. It's quite a flexible working environment. What am I getting out of this?

I give and give to my family. I'm always there and I dont ask any questions. I want to help. I dont want to say "No" but I need to begin saying know but I'm torn.

I have gone through so much. My health was starting to fail. Storms came. Hurricanes came. Devastation was next. I had to start over. I was doing good then the cycle resumed. Everytime I get one step ahead I have to take four back. When does it end?

I am here to tell you that I have been there. I was in my twenties and everytime I turned I hit a wall, I turned left. A wall. I turned right. A wall. I tried to move forward. A wall. In any direction I went, I was blocked. Disgusted? To the fullest. Tired? Of course. Even when I got to take a step forward, here comes trouble. Let me tell you. Martin Luther King says "faith is taking the first step even when you dont see the whole staircase." Keep pressing as challenging as it may be. Keep moving. Cry if you must. Jot down your feelings. Be explicit. You will be able to go back and see what state you were in. You will see how you were delivered. You will be able to see you got through. Dont waddle in your misery. On the other side is hope. On the other side is joy. On the other side is something you never imagined. Your efforts will truly be representatative of your rewards.