It's Revamping Time!

August is ALREADY here! I know you said at the beginning of the year that "2020 was something else and I'm going to do much better in 2021. I'm gonna get it DONE in 2021!" Well, now 1st quarter has passed. 2nd quarter months of April, May, and June have passed. You are in the 3rd quarter. Are you getting it done in 2021? Are you on that road that you set to travel in 2021?

Were you going to do better in your finances? Maybe you planned to communicate better this year? Maybe you wanted to take up a new hobby! Did you decide that this was your year to truly do you? You said this was the year to no longer hide behind those scars (physical, mental, and emotional). FEAR can be a deterrent and it can drive you. Let it DRIVE you. You already know what FEAR has created for you. Since you are fearful, you have become stagnant. You have told yourself or your uninvited audience have told you:

-"Girl, keep that 9 to 5 at least you know what your check is gonna be!"

-"You are about to start WHAT kind of business? I have been knowing you all of my life and you dont know JACK about (fill in the blank)!"

-"Chile, you BEEN saying you gon leave!"

-"You know we cant save no money and we surely not about to invest the lil we got!"

-"Why are you going to go try and talk to your Daddy and he aint cared nothing about you for 30 years? Girl bye! Do you!"


I'm sure you have heard it all even the unsolicited advice. I'm sure you believed some of those people. It's time to maximize your full potential. Do it today. Get it done. Make that step. Let them talk Let them laugh. Let them give you false hope but you be big enough to take that step and make a difference in your life. It's revamping time! 

Start writing down the steps to take to move forwardI Start journaling how you will take control of your life in this 3rd quarter and finish the year in a different place than when you started! Do it! You still have time.

If you arent happy about where you are presently, then you can STILL make progress in 2021!  Dont let the start stop you!