Maximize With Maxx Debut

When I first created the name "Maximize With Maxx", it was solely to help Women Of Color have a financial safety net. It was to let them realize that through their financial hardships from divorce, building a home, loss of job, etc there is still hope financially.  There are multiple ways to earn additional income and you dont have to waddle in misery. Let's share these avenues so you can get back up again.  You can fall down but just dont stay there! 

Moving forward and COVID encompassing all of our lives, things changed. Not only were Women of Color hurting in their finances but in their hearts as well. They were going through financial hardships AND passing of a family member, passing of your Pastor, depression, low self esteem, negativity, smaller circle of friends and more. I realized what helped me was writing things down. Writing it down helps you to cope. 

So not only will I help with you maximizing your financial potential but your full potential as well!